Canine Facial Expressions

How well do you know your dog? Or for that matter any dog? 

Observe your dog carefully and notice its posture at different times. 

For example, watch your dog's ears when its fawning over you; when it senses something suspicious and again when it is attacking. In each instance, the ears are positioned differently. The same goes for the teeth; when the teeth are bared and the nose is wrinkled, this means a threat; when the nose is not wrinkled but the curves of the mouth are drawn back, this is an expression of fear or uncertainty.

1. Threat 
2. Uncertain threat.
3. Weak threat.
4. Faint threat - the dog is very uncertain .
5. Fear.
6. Expression of uncertainty in presence of dog of superior rank

If you want to become really good friends with your dog, it is essential that you get to know its facial expressions and body language so that you can understand it.

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